Bulk messaging is a web based application that provides business enterprises ,individuals and other institutions with a platform that enables them to send bulk messages worldwide.

Our platform enables you to send messages with your unique sender ID of your choice like the name of your company or product. There is no software to install or download, simply open your FREE DEMO account, test our powerful, rebust user friendly system and when you are happy, you can open and recharge your official account using mobile money or our bank account and start sending and receiving mass text messages straight away.

Quick SMS

With quick messaging you can send up to 50 recipients at once. Every time when you are sending messages you are free to choose your message sender ID. The quick messaging functionality will send a similar message to all 50 recipients. Sometimes you may not need to save some contacts with your cloud address book. This is possible with QUICK SMS.

Professional SMS

This allows you to send sms to contact address and groups. With Professional messaging you can save your contacts on cloud, group your contacts according to their similarity and send messages to groups or contacts at once. You can customize your message with a placeholder functionality to differentiate messages sent to each recipient. For example a place holder can be a name of the recipient (Dear John) and each message will be sent with a respective recipient name.

Super Messaging

This allows you to send fast large bulks. There is no minimum or maximum number of messages you can send at once. With this functionality you simply upload your contact file in Excel format and be able to send to all your recipients at once. You can also schedule when will the message be sent or add unique information of each recipient from a placeholder functionality. All information you would like to include in your message on the placeholder part will be included in your columns of your excel sheet file

2 way messaging

With this functionality your clients will be able to send messages of inquiry to your account and get automatic information from your account. For example if you are dealing with Lending business your clients may send a message with a word “Loan” and all information regarding the Loan product will automatically be sent to his/her registered number.

Our Pricing
Bulk Range Block Max. Total in Tsh. Discount %
00001 - 5000 210,000/= 0%
05001 - 20000 800,000/= 4.8%
20001 - 50000 1,900,000/= 9.5%
50001 - 100000 3,600,000/= 14.3%

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